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Omnia-Medic Ltd Zenica was established back in 2004 to introduce innovative medical technologies and techniques into the health system of Bosnia and Herzegovina and harmonize them with actual needs and living standard of its end users.

Omnia-Medic Ltd is distributing medical items and devices in the field of invasive cardiology, radiology, neuro-radiology, gastroenterology, pulmonology, urology, biopsy of soft and bone tissues, oncology, anesthesia, dialysis, intensive care, pre and post-operative care, hospital hygiene, sterilization and other medical fields and disciplines.

The principals of the Omnia-Medic Company include the renown international companies: Balton – Poland, Medi-Globe – Germany, Mar Flow – Switzerland, Balt Extrusion – France, Sterylab – Italy, 3M – USA, Johnson & Johnson (Ethicon) – USA, Invent Bio-Med – India, Stentech – South Korea, Intra Special Catheters – Germany, EV-Medical – Czech Republic, Chin Kou Medical Instruments – Taiwan, Biotap – Spain etc. Omnia-Medica Co. is a direct or indirect supplier of all clinical centers and almost all hospitals in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as a number of regional clinical centers.

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